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asia pacific. he met last month with u.s. president barack obama. they agreed that kmilted to agreeing all tariffs is not a requirement for joining talks. members of the democratic party signed off on thursdays on a plan to protect tariffs on rice, white and three other
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agriculture products. the prime minister is expected to come out to explain his position on the free trade deal. he can expect to face some criticism. there just as many oppose the tpp as those that support it. >> tell us more about that. the transpacific partnership is designed to create a free trade zone for countries around the pacific rim. negotiations started in 2010 among eight countries. 11 countes are now ting
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part. the total population of these nations is about 650 million. that accounts for about a third of the world's gross domestic product. the country's taking part in the talks hope to conclude the negotiations by the end of this year. japan decides to take part, what would be the impact on i wants economy. there are advantages and disadvantages. here are some of the major issues. u.s. tariffs are 5% for testi televisions and 2.5% for cars. it could enable japanese makers to sell them cheaper. more exports will help create more jobs in japan. the government estimates the real gross domestic product will grow about $33 billion. that's an extra growth of 0.06%.
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japan imposes import if tariffs are abolished the total production would be cut by $31 billion. that's a 40% drop from the current output. now let's get a check on the markets. the dow jones is higher for a tenth day. it rose about 0.06% to 14,539 posting another record high. investors continue to see a rosier picture for the world's largest economy. to see how stocks are performing this friday we're going to switch over to ramin. the positive momentum just continues in the u.s. and the
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nikkei also saw gains yesterday. is that continuing this frid
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it was at ar and the euro are coming back a little bit. there were concerns regarding the euro yen about italy's finances and the government bond auction midweek but that looks
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to have subsided a little bit. 124.87 to 92 for the euro yen.
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